Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Planning - Possible reasons behind our main characters 'Vengeance'

If we are going to make the thriller at all believeable we need to have a plot or information on the why , how , what and where . For example 'Why is she killing all these people?'  ...what is her reason ? 

We did a storyboard of possible reasons to a question that we might have to asnwer using images on our final thriller clip .

 I think this question is very important , why is she haunting and then killing people , whats her reason ? 

Here are a few reasons we came up with .........

 This is a BIG possibilty , often when kids grow up with family related issues it effects them mentally and in some cases leave mental scars that could be triggered later on in life . For example if a their parents split up and it's a nasty divorse the burden might be to much on a young kid . If we were to pick this for our thriller we could have an image of two parents arguing . 

One idea Vanessa had was that maybe our main character got bullied because of her hair colour or just how she styled her hair in general , maybe later on in life she tracks down all the people who bullyed her and cuts   their hair before killing them . To show this we could include some shots of our main character finding gum in her hair and then images or kids pointing and laughing .

The last reason we came up with is abuse , our character could have been abused by someone at her school for example by the school janitor . She could then have a thing about killing different janitors in different schools or places .

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